Max Persson

I am PhD candidate at the sociology department at Uppsala University in Sweden. 

My work is located in the intersection of symbolic interactionism, cultural sociology and social stratification with a focus on elites. My article Contested ease: negotiating contradictory modes of elite distinction in face-to-face interaction will soon be featured in British Journal of Sociology. 

In my PhD-project I study elite formation in an egalitarian context with particular focus on identities. I conduct an ethnography of how adolescents develop collective identity at an elite upper secondary school in Sweden.

I teach sociology at undergraduate level to beginners and advanced students. I have primarily taught courses on micro sociology and interaction theory, Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology, and sociology of emotions.

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Email: [max.persson][at][]

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ORCID: 0000-0002-0666-038X

Twitter: @MaxPerssonSoc

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Mail: Box 624
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